Simay Akar

Simay Akar is currently the Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder at INNOSES, an innovative sustainable energy solutions provider offering Lithium-ion battery products worldwide in the field of energy storage and electric vehicles and she is in charge of global marketing and business development initiatives. She specialized in the solar and renewable energy industry since 2012. She worked in China and Turkey and mostly focused on international commercial activities. She served roles as Sales & Marketing Director at EkoRE Renewable Energy, Business Development & Marketing Director at GoodWe Solar, Head of International Marketing Department at Talesun Solar, Business Development & Sales Manager at CSUN Eurasia, Marketing Communication at Schneider Electric, and Corporate Communication at Arcelik (BEKO). She joined IEEE as a Student Member in 2007, graduated from Middle East Technical University, Ankara Turkey. Today, she is an IEEE Senior Member, IEEE VOLT Graduate (2019), Certified Soft Skills Trainer (since 2008), METU Alumni Association Energy Commission Member, Turkish Women in Renewables North America Liaison & Sailing Team Member and Licensed Sailor Athlete at the Turkish Sailing Federation. She has been serving several volunteer membership and leadership positions in different areas including mainly global committees of IEEE Humanitarian Technology Activities ( IEEE SIGHT -Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology and HAC), IEEE Power& Energy Society (Women in Power, Young Professionals, Solar and Wind Committee), IEEE Women in Engineering, IEEE Young Professionals, IEEE Social Implications of Technology Society (SSIT), IEEE Student Activities, IEEE Entrepreneurship Committee and other positions on Regional Boards of IEEE Region 8 (Europe Middle East and Africa) &10 (Asia Pacific). She received several awards from IEEE and other corporations including:

· IEEE WIE Inspiring Member of The Year 2020 (Honorable Mention)

· IEEE Global Young Professionals Hall of the Fame Award 2018 (PES YP Team)

· IEEE MGA (Global) Young Professionals Achievement Award 2017

· IEEE MGA (Global) Achievement Award 2014 (as IEEE Day Team Lead)

· IEEE Day Leadership Award 2013

· CSUN Outstanding Staff Award 2014

Born to be a “Global Citizen”

Simay has traveled 63 countries, visited 7 countries more than 20 times and 14 countries more than 10 times, circumnavigated the globe 11 times and lived in China for 3 years. She is originally Turkish. She has deep understanding of multicultural communication and empathy of different cultures. She has been working with many different people from various countries and societies thanks to her professional and volunteer international experiences over many years. She believes her sociological imagination and all these experiences together help and make this multinational communication easier and she easily adapt and feel comfortable in new cultures and environments. She consider the globe as her hometown and herself as a global citizen, but also feels proud to be a Turkish citizen

Passionate on Leveraging Technology for Humanity

IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology (NGO) IEEE was founded in 1884 with Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison among its charter members. Today, IEEE and its members inspire a global community to innovate for a better tomorrow through its more than 423,000 members in over 160 countries, and its highly cited publications, conferences, active portfolio of nearly 1,300 technology standards including well known IEEE 802.11 WIFI Standard, 39 technical societies, professional and educational activities.

Dedicated Volunteer Life

She believes the power and feels the pleasure of volunteerism. Sharing and caring are important for her to maintain her life, she wants to keep volunteering entire her life wherever she finds the vision and mission appropriate and fit her targets, aims and mindset. She wants to connect people’s life positively, inspire and get inspired, share, benefit society and humanity life long in her way.

IEEE, Middle East Technical University Alumni Association ,International Solar Energy Association (ISES), Tider, TWRE, IFISO (Informal Forum of International Student Organizations), AIESEC, and Greenpeace are the organizations she has been member, volunteer and supporter.

Beauty of Diversity

Simay believes “We can Change The World Together”
We always need beauty of diversity and understanding.
We need to understand and support each other to create a positive change, we need to empower the good people to lead the world!
Simay is a certified Soft Skills Trainer since 2008 (delivered over 200 of training sessions and established over 80 training event structures and schedules for IEEE, Zero Generation, Leadership Summer School and other IFISO’s international NGOs). IFISO is a platform of 28 international student organizations, covering around 22 million students around the globe. It aims to support and improve international student organizations through networking, cooperation, and sharing knowledge and best practices. She served the position of IFISO Management Team Chairperson(2012-2013) and she was IEEE Liaison to IFISO as Region 8 (EMEA) Student Activities Coordinator (2011-2013). She has also understanding of different disciplines and technologies beside her own profession and strong network worldwide thanks to this diversity and experience

Addict and Lover of The Power of Positivism in Life Vibes

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